Nothing angers me more than spell checkers that don't know that real words are real words.  Here's a lexicography for Museum H.

1. Grabble - yes, grabble is a word and should not be confused with gropple which you'll have to look up yourself. Grabble means 'to feel around with the hands; grope.' So, take another shot of Jameson and start grabbling around. (I tried to find a link to a picture - but all were sites with exposed body parts.  Sorry - search yourself).

2. Panopticon - I love this word! It fits for my secret browser sniffer that sees everything you do including that questionable page you just came from. 'A prison so constructed that the inspector can see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen.'  So, remember, I'm watching you.

3. Omphaloskepsis- Ok, I loved the word #2, but I love this word even more. No, I only learned this one recently and can't stop thinking about it - 'contemplation of one's navel as part of a mystical exercise.' Go ahead, try it!

4. Selcouth - 'Rarely known; unusual; strange'. Use it on your boss tomorrow.

5. Charterhouse - you will only find one of these in the United States (Vermont) - a Carthusian monastery the name of which is derived from the Chartreuse mountains in France.

6. Aebleskiver- is it a Perkins special, or some kind of demonic flour ball? It is a spherical pancake from Denmark that I'm sure Søren Kierkegaard ate too much of (perhaps that is why he broke off his engagement to Regina, his lifelong love).