Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Year 881 is Unclear, Ba Ba Yi

For some reason I started thinking about the year 881. Why that year, you might ask? I can't really say -- only that it came to me as a question to ponder. We know a lot about the year 81 - Rome is flourishing under Titus and Domitian - and 1881 - Kansas prohibits the sale of alcohol. Even 81 BC seems to have more information.

See! We even know what Titus looked like!  (We all know guys like that!
So, do we know anything about the year 881? And why did this magical number just jump into my head? It seems the Vikings were quite the deal in 881 - wreaking havoc on Europe much like things we all witnessed in Lord of the Rings.

like this!
But, for 881, in my head I just saw castles, serfs, skirmishes, kingdoms, muck and religious zealots. There had to be something there - some event or famous person. Here's a map around that time for help

It's, of course, a myopic view of the West as being the most important part of the world in 881 (I'm sure the Chinese had sailed much of the Pacific and had gunpowder by then). This isn't a history lesson however - its more about 881. 

Digging deeper I found one direct reference to that year- "A.D. 881. Raghallach, abbot of Bangor died." in the book Monasticon Hibernicum: A History of the Abbeys, Priories, and other Religious Houses in Ireland. (Monasticon! The Comic-Con of the 800s??)

After searching around a bit more I found the gem I was looking for - Charles the Fat! What a name - crowned in 881 as emperor of the Carolingian Empire (basically the Frankish region on that map). Why that name?

I was initially excited about that name and what it might mean for something in 881 but discovered he probably wasn't fat and was only nicknamed that about 300 years later. This is the best I can do...

Charles the Fat

He seems pretty uneventful and doesn't match his nickname, so let's move last historical note - check out this historical drawing of the vikings around that time - a bit of a image myth buster, eh?

marauding vikings

As usual I'm rambling - but, perhaps I mistook 881 as being a year (even though there were a few oddities there - I may PS this post in the future when 881 pops up somewhere....)

Interestingly, 881 is a prime number and also a "sacred angel number" according to this post. Look at what it means:

The message of the 1 and 8 combination is telling you that you are nearing the end of a significant phase of your life. Powerful changes and opportunities abound and you are in a position where you are able to command your desires. If there is some part of your life that is not flowing as you'd like, know that it will soon be healed or replaced with better things. 

Did I tune into something from the spiritual world?!? Strangely, my birthday month and day have the numbers 8 and 1 which could be a sign. Could Museum H be in for something bigger and better (preferably 881 posts)?

I will ponder this some more - but, in closing, I discovered that 881 is also used in Chinese text chatting - 8 in Mandarin is pronounced 'ba' and 1 is 'yi' - actually a bit more like 'eee'. So, saying 881 is 'ba ba yi' is a pun for 'bye-bye'! 

 So, 881 my friends, and time for me to go watch my favorite film:

Heuristic: Natural (number)