Strange as it seems this Museum appeared to me as a vision in a dream sometime in late February 2010. You might be saying - "you're full of it, Doja, things like that just don't happen". However, I'm telling you truthfully and honestly that one early morning, absolutely as clear as your memory from five minutes ago, I saw and heard in my mind that "Doja, you're creating a new blog called 'The Museum of Natural and Unnatural Heuristics".

When I awoke, I could only mumble to myself - what the hell?  Why would I have a dream vision like that and why would it have such a strange, esoteric name? How could the name be so vividly clear? What could it mean? I had no choice but to grabble [1] around my bedroom looking for a pen.  The rest is history - except for the fact that the spirits were very angry at me for waiting so long, one year, to get the damn site ready (ok, I'm lazy). At least the domain was still there.
PS - here it is 12 years later I still remember that dream clearly.